Web Development

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

This is one of the first questions we ask potential web development clients, and one of the harder ones for them to answer. Many business owners “know” they need a website, but don’t always know why.

In our initial consultation we figure out this answer along with you, and then deliver an appropriate web development solution that meets your objectives.

How Does the Web Development Process Work?

We generally follow a variation of the Spiral Development Model, a professional approach to IT development that gets us to a working website quickest without sacrificing quality. The highlights of the process can include:

  • Initial consultation, where we identify what the goals will be and get a sense of organization and “look and feel”;
  • Proposal/Contract, written documents including functional requirements, itemized responsibilities, costs, timelines, and other related items about the project;
  • Design (if needed), in which individual graphical elements and overall layouts are drafted for client approval;
  • Development, where “the magic happens” and the website is created;
  • Content creation, where either we or the client (as stated in the proposal/contract) create the content with client approval;
  • Review and Rollout, in which the completed website is reviewed and approved by the client and the new website is released to the Internet.

How Much Will This Cost?

How much does a car cost…? Web development projects will vary in cost, depending on what your needs might be. Our typical website starts at $2,000 and can run higher, depending on how complex it needs to be. We’ll layout all costs before work begins and work to keep costs reasonable.

What Do We Do Next?

Let us get started on developing a website for you. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and development proposal.

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