SEO Audit

seo audit checklistHow can you be sure that your website is optimized for search engines? Pass one of our SEO Audits, that’s how!

What Makes You Qualified to Judge?

With over ten years of professional SEO success using a search engine approved approach, we can evaluate your website to find out what’s wrong, what can be improved, and what you should be doing going forward.

What’s in Your SEO Audit?

After a thorough evaluation of your website and supporting data, we’ll deliver a comprehensive report including findings such as:

  • What Google Webmaster Tools thinks your website needs
  • Which web pages have structural or functional problems
  • Analysis of the past 12 months of analytics data, if available
  • Problems (if any) with your website’s search results
  • What internal links are broken or problematic
  • Whether what the search engines think your pages are about coincides with what you want them to think your pages are about

We also include a comprehensive “Recommendations” section featuring a list of action items for your developer to fix, ranked in order of importance. (We can fix these items if you’d like, but that’s entirely up to you.)

In addition to the Recommendations are two sections of suggestions. In the “Activities for the website owner” we list recommendations such as:

  • Improvements to supporting social media profiles
  • Guidance on current methods of customer contact
  • Suggestions on finding more targeted social media fans or followers
  • Methods of increasing engagement with customers

In the “Other Notes for the website owner” section, we recommend ways to eliminate issues identified during the audit and otherwise ensure the website owner’s web efforts will be more effective.

How Can I Be Sure Your Suggestions Are Good?

In addition to the SEO Audit report, we provide you with the raw data used to evaluate yoru website. (It’s a spreadsheet that’s usually several megabytes in size. It’s not fun to read, but you can take that to most other SEO agencies and they’ll draw similar conclusions.) Also, you’re free to take the recommendations to another developer to implement, so you know we’re not just “making stuff up” to pad our bill.

How much will an SEO Audit cost?

For our services we charge $500, and will need access to your website and Google accounts. (We’ll clear everything with you before we begin.)

We’ve already helped other businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we can help yours too!

Don’t wait another minute. Contact us today to schedule your SEO Audit, and start getting the most out of your website!