Clients testimonials, because who likes to toot their own horn?

Not one to toot my own horn…

Over the years, I’ve worked with countless customers – both internal (at the jobs I’ve held) and external (when working at service-oriented companies.) I had great fun working with each and every one of them.

Whether building websites or helping their search engine optimization or even just getting their damned technology to work right, my efforts helped me learn more while helping them achieve their business objectives. It’s been a fun ride, and I’m not ready to get off just yet…

Look, most of us dislike tooting our own horns. I’m no exception, so I’ll let some of these customer testimonials do it for me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lisa Baer, Baer Home Design:

SEO Audit for Baer Home DesignAs a small business owner, making the most of my website is critical to my success. Rudy analyzed the effectiveness of my website SEO. He quickly identified several issues and opportunities to increase my site’s visibility. In addition, Rudy provided a detailed, prioritized plan of attack to correct the issues and to further improve the site.

Rudy not only provided insight critical to this portion of my marketing plan but did so quickly and in a way that was easy to understand and implement. Any business with a website could benefit from Rudy’s SEO expertise.

Lisa has a pretty good website already, with a newsletter following and social media presence on several platforms. She even managed to land herself a viral following on a Pinterest pin last year. What she was looking for was to take her web-related marketing activities to the next level. I conducted an SEO audit, identifying and changing several things that were holding her back. I also made several tactical suggestions for reaching potential clients and partners.

George Daye, Barserv:

I can’t express how glad I am to know Rudy Lopes, professionally and personally. When I was introduced to Rudy at a small networking event in Dallas, Texas, my confidence in IT and Web service providers was very low. My company intranet, a mission-critical aspect of BarServ’s mystery shopping operations, was incomplete and in danger of collapsing and going off-line at any moment. Rudy took on my project and immediately set me at ease with his in-depth knowledge, professionalism and genuine concern for company’s needs. BarServ’s new intranet is now more than I envisioned it could be and continues to grow with Rudy’s guidance and expertise. I highly recommend Rudy for any professional relationship and value him as one of BarServ’s closest strategic partners.

George would spend 10-12 hours a month going over the questionnaires from his shoppers and preparing reports for his clients. After relocating his website to a new server, I created a secured section that allowed his shoppers to log in, request new shops, and enter the results of those shops themselves. George could then log in and print out client-ready reports, saving him those 10-12 hours per month to do more selling.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cathey Karnes, Manufacturing Association of North Texas

Manufacturer's Association of North TexasRudy Lopes and his team came along right when we needed them the most. MANT’s web site was in need of some major upgrades and he walked us through the process step-by-step. After meeting with us in a brainstorming session and getting our wish list, he made some beneficial suggestions, put our site together and we are happy to say the finished product is extremely well put together and easy for us to manage. He’s easy to work with, is not afraid to make suggestions, follows through in a timely manner and puts together a wonderful finished product. Our website is exactly what we were looking for and the MANT board is very pleased with the results. Rudy is an excellent go-to person to get the job done.

The MANT folks had good ideas about what they wanted, and I was able to craft a great fit to their needs. We worked with a third-party designer to come up with a layout and color scheme that everyone liked, and then I sliced and diced the Photoshop file into the layout you see now. I even took some extra time and created the WordPress theme from scratch, since I had trouble shoehorning things into existing theme designs. All around, this was definitely a fun project to work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tony Vitabile, The Church on Higher Ground:

Rudy was extremely helpful to us while we built a new web site for my church, The Church on Higher Ground. He had the answers to our questions and even pointed out a few things that needed attention of which we were unaware. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who needs an Search Engine Optimization expert.

I advised Tony on his choice of blogging platform (WordPress) as well as providing guidance on plugin selection, optimal settings, and other suggestions for getting his church’s new website going.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carrie Dils, CarrieDils.com:

From simple CSS questions to complex database designs, Rudy is a creative problem solver. He’s incredibly smart and has a breadth of experience that allows him to consider issues from a variety of angles, offering up solutions you might not expect from a “technical” guy. He’s also got the skill set to implement those solutions! I trust Rudy to consult on my projects and would most definitely recommend him to help you on yours.

Carrie had several web development projects that I assisted, providing database and PHP work to supplement her own skills. Her dedication to customer service is a prime driver, and I helped her to provide some great solutions to her clients.

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