Be Prepared… for SEO

Surprise!So I’m sitting here this afternoon working on my website layout, and I get a phone call from an organizer for a meetup I’m attending tonight. The speaker can’t make it, and would I be willing to tackle tonight’s topic: SEO?

I’ve done numerous SEO presentations in the past (in fact, several in the same conference room we’re in tonight!) Thing is, those presentations are a year old or more and just won’t do anymore. Such is the nature of SEO – some things change over time, while other things endure.

Remember when stuffing keywords in blog comments was a neat trick? Yeah, that doesn’t work anymore. (You’d hardly know it from the volume of attempts on my many blogs though!) How about the idea of stuffing keywords in the meta keyword field on your web page? Nope, doesn’t work anymore. There are lots of these sorts of tricks that SEO experts used to tout once upon a time, and many so-called “experts” still preach them today. *sigh* Fortunately, there are still some solid practices that have endured and will likely continue to do so, and that’s what I’ll cover tonight.

So I have less than two hours now to put my thoughts together, and convey the state of SEO as it relates to WordPress. As I mentioned, good thing I’ve been doing WordPress SEO for a while now.

Look for a post later this week where I’ll cover them. Oh, and if you’re in Fort Worth tonight, come give us a visit. (Even if it is the last minute.)

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